Getting Started

We’ll learn your needs, objectives and goals. We’ll define how your content will be distributed. And we’ll build a roadmap that will guide us from start to finish.

Creative Concepting

Once we understand your product or service, we’ll get under the hood to learn what makes you stand apart from your competition. Then we’ll develop creative concepts that tell your story in an innovative and memorable way.


Next, we’ll take all the information you’ve provided and the information we’ve put together and create a script that tells your story in a compelling and engaging way.


Here’s where we marry the script and visual concepts and create a storyboard that shows how the action will take place throughout the video.


Words are great, but how they’re delivered can make or break a video. We’ll find several voices for you to choose from, and once you choose a talent, we’ll record the audio.

Production Planning

Here’s where the details are outlined, responsibilities delegated and a timeline is created. It makes the entire process go smoothly.


Once the storyboard is complete, our artists get to work drawing each of the elements. Whether we’re creating sketches, vector art or providing stock images, you’ll have a chance to review each object as it’s completed in order to provide feedback.



Now the fun begins! We’ll place all the graphic elements and the voice over, while adding motion, sound effects and music. Once we’re done, we’ll have a rough cut for your review.

Final Touches

Now we’ll add in additional visual assets, final motion graphics and color correction. Once that’s completed – and approved by you – we have a video!


We can convert your video into any format you need. Whether it’s going on your website, YouTube or Vimeo, we can help. If you’re planning to use it as a TV spot, we offer complete media buying services to make sure that the right people see your message.


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