July 28, 2014 egghead

Use of Animated Explainer Videos

Have a complicated subject or a product that requires demonstration? As the famous Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucille Ball, “you’ve got some explaining to do.” And nothing does it better than an animated explainer video.

Whether you’re trying to explain a concept to a diverse audience or you have a service or product that you’re trying to sell, animated explainer videos provide a fun, unique and powerful way to explain things on a very cost effective basis. They offer you a compelling way to explain things using a step-by-step approach, and engage viewers, which means that you’re more likely to keep the viewers’ attention.

Explainer videos are extremely effective on websites getting people to move to action (like sign up for something) or request additional information. Some studies show that using an explainer video results in a 50 to 70 percent increase in customer conversions – a remarkable increase. And another study has shown that 24% of people who watch explainer videos on a website make a purchase after watching them.

As the attention span of audiences shrink thanks to the Internet and YouTube mentality, explainer videos fill a niche by providing a short, fast explanation to target audiences and help to raise the online visibility of a company. Explainer videos are usually one- to two-minutes long and use text, graphics sounds and moving images to provide a movie-like effect for viewers.

The process of producing an animated explainer video starts with a concept, followed by a script and storyboard. A voice-over is recorded and then video production is completed. The cost depends on the amount of production values and the complexity of the animation.

Considering the wide acceptance, low cost and excellent results using animated explainer videos, there’s no reason not to incorporate them into almost every marketing strategy.