July 28, 2014 egghead

Timed or item-based interactivity…

Is all interactivity the same? Not exactly. There are two different forms of interactivity. The first is relatively simple, wait X number of seconds and an image or ad pops up for viewers to interact with. This method is easily incorporated into any content, and consumers can watch the content or close the window to resume their video. While this method guarantees views on the ad, most viewers are eager to get back to watching content, rather than reading Why did they item pop up now and why did they interrupt my viewer experience with this unwanted message?

Item-based interactivity on the other hand is more complex to implement, but has numerous benefits over timed interactivity. Item based interactivity focuses on individual objects in the video that users can interact with. Do you like the jacket an actor is wearing? Interact with the item on screen to learn how much, where to get it, and if it is on sale. Interested in the features of a new car? Click on any part of the vehicle for more in-depth coverage of specifications, upgrades, or even dealer discounts. The possibilities are endless. Unlike timed based, item-based interactivity is not a static box, rather it moves and adjusts to fit the referenced content all through the video. Creating such a dynamic level of interaction gives the viewer total control over what they want to know, and allows for brands to see which products get the most attention.