July 28, 2014 egghead

Personalized Video Conversations

For business-to-business communication, personalized videos offer a new sales tool that can increase sales’ effectiveness at a reduced cost. The message is customized specifically for the viewer using a needs analysis that is based on their interests, experience, and segment – just about anything.

For consumer marketing, personalized videos are used to engage prospects and consumers, helping to ensure that the message is not only getting seen and heard – but understood as well. It’s a win-win for everyone. There’s also an opportunity to include a personal greeting on a birthday or special event, or to thank a customer for making a purchase or other type of company interaction.

For educating and training students, employees and partners personalized videos can create an engaging video dialogue that is customized based on viewer input and response. Plus, you can now employ validation checks to ensure that the viewer understands the content being presented before moving on to the next level.

However they’re used, a personalized video has a huge positive impact on the overall customer relationship, as customers do appreciate the fact that the company took the time to create a personalized video just for them. And thanks to today’s video technology, personalizing videos is a fast, cost-effective process