July 28, 2014 egghead

Live action or animited video?

While the lines are blurring between animation and live action in the movies, when it comes to corporate videos there’s a clear distinction between the two types of video. Live action involves actors, a studio, lighting experts and a crew. Animation can be done simply or as part of a complex process and requires a voice talent. Both are effective, but which one is better for your company or organization?

The answer is, “it depends.”

Live action using a spokesperson helps to build a relationship with customers and potential customers. The spokesperson becomes part of the company’s “brand,” and over time will be recognizable as being associated with the company. Spokespeople are being used on training videos, web videos, sales and educational videos. By using a consistent style of animation, it too can become part of the company’s brand over time.

Animation can be as basic as a stick figure or as complex as computer generated animation. It all depends on available budget. Basic animation videos are now being used as “explainer videos,” where complex concepts are shown using visuals as a voice over explains the action on screen.

Budgets for both live action and animation can run the gamut from inexpensive to expensive. Both require concept development, script writing, and experience professionals to bring the finished product to conclusion. The use of a spokesperson is indicated when you’re trying to develop a rapport with your audience, using the warmth, humor or acting ability of the presenter.

Animation is often used when to explain a complex process or concept to an audience, where visuals can support the explanation. The visuals can be anything from basic pencil drawings to layered computer graphics. Most web and explainer videos are usually two minutes in length or less, but education or training videos can be whatever length is required to accurately convey the information.

Whether you’re planning on using a live action or animated video to disseminate your information, the first step is to bring in a company with the expertise to handle your needs. Unless you have experience, or have someone on staff who knows how to concept, script and produce either a video or animation, bringing in outside expertise is the best thing you can do to ensure your project will be a success.