July 28, 2014 egghead

Engaging the Modern Consumer

Whether your audiences are viewing content on air, online or on their mobile, advertising models need to adapt to consumer preferences. With up to 50% of TV ads being skipped and the negative reaction toward pre-roll advertising, brands are rethinking how to connect in a consumer-driven advertising world.

Egghead’s new Viewer Initiated Advertising model puts the viewer in control. They choose which products to engage with, giving them a personalized experience while watching an advertisement. Adding this level of engagement to brand videos increases the amount of views by 86%, a compelling reason to include interactivity rather than forced viewing. Interactive advertising offers many options – virtual stores, games, contests, coupons… the possibilities are endless. Check out our latest samples:
Big Bang Theory Giada Lexus Martini VW

These samples are just a few of the many potential uses for Viewer Initiated Advertising. Creating brand specific content with interactivity in mind is a powerful combination, and allows for brands to reach consumers in a new way. Contact the folks at Egghead and see how they can put interactivity to work for your brand.