Customized eLearning Videos from Egghead

Why use Egghead? Because we offer you personalized interactive videos for educating and training students, employees and partners.

 We’ll handle the entire process, from concept through completion

We’ll create engaging video dialogue that can be customized based on viewer input and response

We can build in validation checks to ensure that the viewers understand the content that’s presented – before moving to a new level


We’re Your Smart Choice for eLearning Videos

Want to maximize the effectiveness of your eLearning videos? Let Egghead be your partner.


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Here’s why Egghead should be your eLearning video resource:

1[ut_service_column  headline=”1. We Understand eLearning” shape=”round” width=”full”] We’ve developed many different videos for education and training of students, employees and partners. We know how to use eLearning video effectively![/ut_service_column]

2[ut_service_column  headline=”We Offer Total Project Management” shape=”round” width=”full”]We have the capabilities to manage the entire project from start to finish, including scripting, production and distribution.[/ut_service_column]

3[ut_service_column  headline=”We Get Results” shape=”round” width=”full”]No matter what the topic or subject matter, we can develop an eLearning program for you that get results. Let us show you what we’ve done for others – and what we can do for you!

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Exceptional Planning Strategy

Using our knowledge and experience, we’ll help you develop a strategic plan that incorporates eLearning video into your overall educational strategy. We know what works, and we’ll put that knowledge to work for you.

eLearning Videos That Teach

Most importantly, our eLearning videos help viewers learn. We’ve produced a variety of eLearning videos that have met all client objectives. Now we’d like to create one for you.

Total Project Support

We realize that eLearning is only one component of an overall educational and informational program. We’ll help not only develop the Learning video, but on your entire communications program as well.



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