July 28, 2014 egghead

Dangers of DYI Video

Here’s a story that might make you think twice about bargain bin video production. You are a business owner. You are excited about your business and want to tell everyone how great it is with a video. You just got finished watching the latest blockbuster film and want to do a comedic rendition using your business as the main attraction. Aliens versus vacuums anyone? Problem is, your video doesn’t have a $5 million budget, and you want to produce a feature length film. Cue nameless actors, first time directors and some guy that your cousin knows editing your film, and you’re left with a great idea and a poor product. Any of this sound familiar?

The financial dangers of DIY video productions are real, and they can very easily turn what would seem a good practice to save money, into a financial disaster. No one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a video that they don’t want anyone to see. The hard part about making these decisions is that even amateur productions start out exciting and fun, but with poor planning and inexperienced talent, it will quickly turn into a frustrating experience. Fifteen takes later and you will start to realize the kind of trouble you are in.

On the corporate side of things, making a short and concise 2-5 minute video can be very challenging when you take into consideration all the important information you want to impress upon your potential clients. Most DIY videos are too long, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, and in today’s fast paced world people usually start tuning out after a few minutes. That can hurt what your video is trying to accomplish, especially if you have important information toward the end. With clear and concise planning, storyboarding, and a professionally written script, your 2-5 minute video will entertain, inform, and make your clients eager to give you a call.

Now this is not to say that all professional videos have to cost double or triple what an amateur can do. While the cost will be more, you are paying for the peace of mind that they can make your ideas a reality, and will take the time to plan out the process with you. Storyboarding, production schedules, script writing, and trusted actors, these are only a few of the perks of dealing with companies that have experience and the resources to create a video you can be proud of. Every production is different and working on a budget that fits your needs will make the process a lot easier, and filled with less “surprises.”

As most production companies will tell you, there is a wide range of pricing you can expect for a “finished minute” of video. Anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 depending on how many actors, special effects, or animations you want. While this may seem like a huge difference in price you have to take into account the wide variety of options available to you. The sky really is the limit when you are talking about video production and experienced companies will walk you through the process and explain the cost and demands for each aspect of your project.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your video will become the centerpiece of your business. Sacrificing professionalism to keep costs down could end up hurting your business’ reputation and discourage potential clients. No one will know that you had tight deadlines, strict budgets, and talent that never show up on time. They only see the video, and base all of their opinions of your business on whether it is interesting and entertaining.